Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

What a nice short trip to end the day. Having a short holiday with family is a blessing. Not only the chitchat we going to have but building up the bond indeed it is.

My small family

Just a few days after landing in our home town, I had a sudden plan to go to Nguuni Nature Sanctuary that evening.

At the gate stopped by for entry payment which was reasonable. Told to proceed with the car we came with through a narrow pathway. Just a three minutes drive and wallaaa…!! We’ve reached our destination.


Feeding animals

I couldn’t resist myself taking photos. It’s something that I enjoy and how I secure my memories with.

It’s such a beautiful place to go for picnic have a barbecue and a bonfire as well.

Fed the ostrich grasses. It’s challenging and scary at the same time. There quite strong when they are pecking the grasses. You’ll feel your hands shaking and moving on every peck. But what an experience I shall say. (That’s my small family)

Feeding ostrich

Had a moment watching sundown. Blessed to have such places in Kenya.


That’s how we ended our day beautifully outdoor together.